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American and European insurers are currently facing hard times. While everybody can explain now how we got into this situation, it is still unclear how precisely financial companies and notably insurers will change their strategy in the near future and particularly how they will align their IT resources in order to respond in this fast […]

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One of the job functions of an analyst is being asked to predict the future and no more so that in this current economic climate. As the year end approaches, I am being asked this question on a daily basis. The question usually masks a certain amount of personal concern about how 2009 might turn […]

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Insurers who have been through the arduous process of whittling a long list of policy admin system vendors down to a short list, and then whittling a short list of vendors down to an even shorter list, often ask us how they can be sure they’ve made the right choice before investing potentially millions of […]

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Since we published Bad News on the Street, Insurance IT Strategy and the Financial Crisis in early October, the economic roller coaster continues to twist and gyrate. One assumption in that report, that there will be a “mild to moderate” recession, is being severely challenged. The mortgage meltdown morphed into a credit confidence crisis which […]

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Welcome to the Celent blog! For those of you who are new to the site, or who are new to blogging in general, doesn’t it make you feel…cooler? That’s what it does for me. Entering the blogosphere is like slapping on a pair of virtual Ray-Bans and driving a virtual red Ferrari down the virtual […]

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