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As we have just entered the last quarter of the year, economists and business men are trying to anticipate what 2010 will be. So do policy makers and last week the Federal Reserve has published its Beige Book . For those of you, who are not familiar with the Beige Book, it is a report […]

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There is a lot of buzz about the use of social media, but most companies are only beginning to look at how to make it work in insurance. The experimentation continues, but I had not heard of an approach which blends this new opportunity with the realities of our industry — until today. Almost all […]

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As discussed in detail in The New York Times, The Justice Department is starting a preliminary antitrust inquiry of IBM. I can’t speak to whether certain actions taken by IBM or other companies were lawful or not, but I do think the investigation speaks more to current problems in the industry than it does to […]

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SNL reported today on two benchmarks for Property and Casualty pricing in 2010. The bottom line is that revenue support is not going to come from a hardening market. At best, prices may stay flat. According to SNL, a MarketScout report forecast flat to slightly higher prices, while a Willis study concluded that price increases […]

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Reuters announced a possible offshoring deal that will see Royal Bank of Scotland Insurance move it’s claims management system to India. RBSI, better known for it’s brands of Direct Line and Churchill, is a very significant UK insurance operator. Although reports are unconfirmed at this stage, it is of no surprise to those watching the […]

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We published our survey results from quarter two discussing the insurance industry’s expectations and strategies for investment in the current economic climate. Opinions from over 120 insurance executives from around the world were gathered, and the 30-second elevator pitch is that the future looks a hazy shade of pink. We’ve just opened the third quarter […]

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Celent senior analyst Jeff Goldberg This event is free to Celent clients and the media. Non-clients can attend for a fee of USD $249. Celent will contact non-clients after they register for credit card information. Please click here for more information.

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