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We are currently looking at the life insurance market in Europe and more specifically saving and retirement solutions involving wealth management by insurance companies. In the frame of our initial work, we have tried to identify the differences between the main European markets comparing each of them in terms of density and penetration: Life insurers […]

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Celent senior analyst, Wenli Yuan This event is free to attend. Celent clients and the media will have access to the webinar’s PowerPoint presentation after the event. Please click here for more information.

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Continuing the series on end user involvement in system changes, we asked reference accounts how involved business staff is in maintaining billing systems. As shown in the graph below, a great majority of them only barely or moderately have moved these activities into business areas. In conversation with vendors and insurers, most often these tasks […]

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One of the phrases I often hear just before a business takes a step forward in efficiency or innovation is “Why are you doing that like that?”. The phrase can be uttered by an expert in an application sitting next to a novice and leads to a greater understanding in the novice and hopefully updated […]

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IT Service vendors play an important role in the insurance industry. In a world where the internet makes it easy to have customer service representatives half way across the world or developers in remote locations, insurance companies like many other 21st century organizations look to vendors to meet their IT needs in lieu of hiring […]

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The topic of customer loyalty made an unsurprising appearance at recent conference of UK senior marketing executives. In several conversations, and breakout groups, the executives mused how different business might look in the UK if the consumer wasn’t very unloyal. Growth is an important factor for UK in 2010, and the aspiration for lower customer […]

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One of the benefits of investing in modern, configurable software that is often sought is the ability to move creation and maintenance of systems to the business areas. The premise is that transferring these functions to users will increase quality and reduce costs. In Celent’s discussions with insurers and observations, this is often a goal […]

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Is it true that you can never have too much of a good thing? That’s my take when it comes to staffing the Celent insurance team. I’m pleased to introduce three new team members who will make our strong team even stronger. Craig Beattie joins us as an analyst in the London office. Prior to […]

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Just before the Google Buzz announcement (and associated bad press) Google announced a change to its core search product. This is a potentially huge change and a pointer to Google’s broader strategy. Given the annual budgets aligned to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for Insurers, IT Vendors and brokers alike, this change deserves a closer look. […]

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