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There is no question that mobility and highly mobile devices will play a key role in insurance, both for customers but also as a means for conducting business. Apple have created a great deal of press with their iPhone and iPad products and are now making headway into insurance companies. Indeed in the last two […]

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Celent senior analyst Donald Light This event is free to attend. Celent clients and the media will have access to the webinar’s PowerPoint presentation after the event. Please click here for more information.

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I admit that printing and all things related are not topics that kept me awake, at night, or any other time of the day. Printers are necessary background worker bees, that should just work. And this is largely what happens. What also happens is that companies spend vast quantities of money on printers, paper, and […]

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Many people believe that the Hippocratic Oath states that a doctor is not to leave a patient in worse condition than before they treated them. While it doesn’t state that explicitly, it is clearly a goal of any conscientious doctor. Enterprise architects should follow a similar mantra of not leaving a system in a worse […]

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One of the frequently referenced benefits of transitioning to a modern automation platform is the ability to have some amount of system maintenance moved out of programming areas. In some organizations, this means having business analysts make changes to systems; in others, end users in business units perform selected modifications. Lower cost and shorter cycle […]

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The financial crisis gave pause to many investment plans in technology but 2010 has seen vigorous interest in core system replacement in the general insurance industry. But a perennial problem of poor backoffice systems remains. As the saying goes, there are many ways to skin the legacy modernisation program. These include outsourcing, upgrading to a […]

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