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Outages caused by a vendor are never a good thing, but they are probably not your biggest, baddest problems either.

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Celent senior analysts, Insurance Group Registration is open to INSURANCE CARRIERS ONLY and is free, but space is limited. Please click here for more information.

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It is widely agreed that baby boomers and seniors are increasing their on-line presence. On multiple occasions, I have heard this observation made, followed by a statement to the effect that “they want to keep up with their families and post pictures of their grandchildren”. Data from Pew Research actually shows that these groups are […]

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One might naturally assume that the tragic events in northeastern Japan would also be devastating the Japanese insurance industry. By the beginning of April some 320,000 P&C claims related to the disasters had already been filed with insurers. After the Kobe earthquake of 1995, when many home and business owners discovered their policies did not […]

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Insurance carriers are inundated with data. Data from their policy admin systems, financial systems, CRM systems, claims systems, etc. Because most carrier’s IT systems grew up in siloed business units, there was little to no sharing of data across departments. Business would ask IT to provide enterprise views, but IT would come back with very […]

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For the Celent insurance team, May appears to be all about events. We will be hosting the “Celent Insurance in France: The CIO Perspective and Adoption of Social Media by French Insurers” in Paris on the 19th May. We have an exciting line up of hearing views on the value of Social networks for insurance […]

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In a few unrelated conversations last week the question of configuration and business design came up. In each case the conversation was related to modern policy administration or product specification systems used in the insurance industry, with a back ground of legacy applications still hanging around. The conversations inevitably turned to the experience and skills […]

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