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Insurers desiring to expand their activities in a new geography are always faced with the dilemma to choose between different alternatives in terms of policy administration system deployment, which in general are the following: – implementing a new system (here the build vs. buy debate enters into play), or – deploying an existing system already […]

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Celent senior analysts, Insurance Group Admission to the event is free for Celent clients, but space is limited and pre-registration by Thursday, October 27, 2011 is required. Non-clients can attend for a fee of USD $695 ($595 if you register by Friday, September 9). Please click here for more information.

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The European Insurance team has been working hard over the Spring and Summer to produce one of our key reports Policy Administration Systems for General Insurers in Europe 2011. It’s a topic of great interest to insurers wanting to replace their core underwriting system, and vendors wanting to have a view of the competitive landscape. […]

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Twenty years from now will we even have keyboards on our devices? Probably, but I’m certain they won’t be the interaction tools of first resort.

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This is a great move for Accenture and Duck Creek. And it will create real benefits for global property & casualty / general insurers. Duck Creek brings its well regarded, modern, and highly configurable policy administration and rating systems to the growing Accenture Software unit. Duck Creek will benefit from Accenture’s global global insurance client […]

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Celent senior analysts, Insurance Group Registration is open to INSURANCE CARRIERS ONLY and is free, but space is limited. Please click here for more information.

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Perhaps it’s because I like technology, because I was born into an age of unprecedented technological advancement, because I’m curious or simply because I’m too lazy to keep in touch with folk but I have to say I love social networks. For me they’re a tool that allow me to keep folks up to date […]

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