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We recently observed Presidents’ Day which honors every President of the United States. Back in the day, there were designated holidays for the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Now we equally honor Millard Fillmore, James Buchanan, and James Garfield. Why? Why are we unwilling or even unable to differentiate between great Presidents who […]

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Growing up, I was fascinated with the TV shows of Star Trek and BattleShip Gallatica. The combination of strange looking aliens, interesting planets, and tele-transportation had me captured. It is perhaps not surprising that I ended up in the field of Computer Science. And so my inner geek was intrigued at the news in the […]

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Celent CEO Craig Weber and Analyst Karen Monks This event is free to attend for Celent clients, flex-plan clients, and the media. Non-clients can attend for a fee of US$195. If you are unsure of your client status, please contact Chuck Smith at +1.617.262.3125 or Please click here for more information.

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My colleague Jamie Macgregor and I have published the Celent’s regular report profiling policy administration system (PAS) vendors in the life and pension space in Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) back in November 2011. This report profiles 34 systems offered to EMEA insurers on the market. Beside this research we thought it would be […]

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Part of the hype involved with the Facebook IPO this week is the vision of its founder to establish it as a platform for people to use when interacting on the internet. To me, this means not simply linking from the S.N. to another site, but to actually complete commercial transactions on the social network […]

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Last week we held the innovation and insight event in Boston where we discussed creative disruption and emerging technologies and their effects on the insurance industry. Since coming back to the UK a few press releases and blog posts have caught my eye that feed well into this discussion. The first is from Robert Scoble, […]

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