Insurance Innovation?? Michael Raynor to Speak at Celent Event

Insurance Innovation?? Michael Raynor to Speak at Celent Event

It has always been ironic to me that insurers have “lost the plot” on technology innovation. After all, insurance companies were among the first companies to implement systems to solve practical business problems. Of course, this was in the day when mainframes demanded entire floors in company headquarters buildings. These early systems have, in many cases, become a legacy that is proving hard to cast off.

Today, Celent is working with insurers and their vendor partners to change this. With the pressure to grow and to meet escalating consumer expectations, innovation is more important than ever. With tools such as geocoding, predictive analytics and automated fraud detection, new opportunities are also available for the taking.

Other industries are working hard to solve the innovation puzzle and we are very excited to have one of the biggest names in the field, Michael Raynor, join us on September 13 in New York for A Celent Insurance Symposium-Creative Disruption: Technology and the Future of Insurance (#creativedisrupt). Michael’s most recent work is The Innovator’s Manifesto, a fascinating exploration of how to execute innovation in a deliberate and disciplined way. He is going to share his thoughts on how insurance can approach innovation more effectively and what support they will need from their vendor partners to do so.

At Celent, our modest goal is to help insurers regain their position as a leader in applying technology to solve their customers’ problems. This is an exciting step on that journey.

Mike Fitzgerald About Mike Fitzgerald

Mike Fitzgerald is a senior analyst with Celent's Insurance practice. His career includes leadership positions in property/casualty automation, operations management and insurance product development. Mike's research focuses on innovation, billing, business process and operations, social media, and distribution management.


  1. Amit Jain says:

    Hi Mike, thanks for sharing, that was indeed worth reading. I would appreciate if you can throw some light on usage of geo-coding. Apart from being utilized in conjunction with the Risk exposure aggregation, are there any other areas too where it is helping the Insurers in US or other geographies?

    Amit Jain

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