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Let’s play Jeopardy together! If the most frequently given answer from a panel of insurance customers is “Don’t know,” what was the question? It was: “Which UK insurer do you think is the most innovative?” For those who think that is an exaggeration of the common opinion that the insurance industry is not innovative at […]

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A brief summary of the ideas around Celent’s 2012 Creative Disruption Event.

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I read with great interest the article in The Wall Street Journal today about bioprinting ( This offers great hope for critically ill patients and possible future relief for those of us whose natural sinews are reminding us of the law of entropy (read aches and pains). It also should give some pause to actuaries […]

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Lately people have joined Apple events hoping for something completely new and outlandish, some perhaps hoping Apple will slip up and over the last couple of years there has been talk of disappointment after then events. Indeed it’s becoming so hard for Apple to keep anything secret now that there are few surprises – but […]

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Celent conducted another successful Peer Networking Event (PNE), this time in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was well attended by insurers from around the area and even had representation from a bank. The PNEs are designed to bring together insurers to discuss topics that they find of interest, either due to immediate concerns or future direction. […]

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