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  On Friday December 13, Guardian Life hosted a Celent Peer Networking Event focused on the Group and Voluntary Insurance market. This is the second in what has become a recurring forum on the IT and business issues insurers need to address in the evolving benefits space. The discussion was focused on the areas one […]

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It’s not surprising that consumers wonder why we can’t trust in an Apple or Google to deal with the technical intricacies of the US public health exchange, as my colleague Donald Light points out in the previous blog post. I also agree with him that they are not necessarily the best choices for high transaction […]

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Blog Soundtrack:  “Once in a Lifetime” – Talking Heads A recent project caused me to revisit the business process->capability->requirement model for life insurance sales illustration systems. This is a topic dear to my heart since my first insurance job focused on sales illustration, agent enablement and new business for a life insurer at a time […]

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I am back from the whirlwind of insurance technology trade shows and vendors meetings that happen this time every year, sitting in my office after getting re-acquainted with family and pets.  Every year at these shows there is a key word or phrase that rises above the noise and this year I heard “Innovation”. There […]

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I was recently listening to keynotes at Pegaworld 2013 and after hearing Eric Martinez, EVP Global Claims, Operations and Systems at AIG P&C talk about his experiences in business and IT consolidation, it sparked a thought about the insurance software business in general. The average age of insurance core technology systems across the industry is quite […]

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The week of April 22nd was something of a landmark in the Celent Peer Networking process. For the first time, we held two events in the same week; the first in Wellesely, Ma. focusing on Group and Voluntary Insurance, and the second in Columbus, Oh. with a focus on Innovation across business lines. I was […]

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The insurance industry is currently engaged in an important discussion about the potential opportunities and risks presented by modern cloud architecture. Insurers have a continuing need to reduce operational costs, increase flexibility and most importantly become better at communicating and integrating with partners and customers. Cloud computing models have the potential to help in all […]

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