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In the December 17 Wall Street Journal, a column by Holman Jenkins, “Will Tort Law Kill Driverless Cars?” makes two arguments. First, the complexity of software required for driverless cars is a lawsuit that is waiting to be won by the personal injury/class action bar. And second that the potential size of auto manufacturers’ legal […]

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I’ll confess: I’m a bit of a political junkie. I read various blogs, commentary, and even news. “The Story” of recent weeks, of course, has been the launch of As I read news items and posts, what is striking (from the perspective of a humble technology analyst), is the repeated mentions of Apple and […]

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SaaS has broken out of the enterprise category, and is making real headway in the heart of the insurance application stack: policy administration systems. Celent research on North America property/casualty policy administration systems finds that: 42 out of 45 profiled North America policy administration systems can be licensed on a SaaS basis The number of […]

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Several aspects of this deal stand out. It is the first acquisition by Guidewire, which until now has been a “we build it, we sell it shop.” It augments Guidewire’s capabilities in the hottest part of the technology landscape: Business Intelligence/Analytics. And it reinforces Guidewire’s strategy to capture the community and network effect benefits of […]

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Click, click, click—that’s the sound of more formerly independent policy administration vendors dropping into the product portfolios of larger solution vendors.  Today’s announcement by SAP of its intention to acquire Camilion is another significant move—following rapidly after Insurity’s acquisition of AQS on Tuesday. In both cases the acquirer is getting certain capabilities that augment what […]

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Insurity’s acquisition today of AQS could prove to be a good deal all the way around . . . if certain things happen Insurity, currently owned by private equity firm Genstar, is showing an appetite for growth which is a good thing. Size does matter in terms of financial resources that can be put into […]

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On January 17 I&T posted a story about an exchange that took place at the Property/Casualty Joint Industry Forum between State Farm’s CEO, Edward Rust Jr., and an industry analyst, Brian Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan said, “It’s impossible for anyone to look at the data and say there won’t be fewer accidents than before. The technology […]

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PwC has just published an interesting and thoughtful paper on, “The Reshaping of Auto Insurance.” The paper describes the possible impact of various on- board technologies (automatic braking, telematics, etc.) on auto losses and the longer term potential for changes in auto insurance business models. Here are a few Celent comments: It is true that […]

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I have a homeowners policy with the DoNotDisclose Insurance Company. DoNotDisclose is a large, primarily personal lines company.   My policy term ends on Oct 8 every year.  This past August, I received the dec page and invoice for the new year, and paid it in full online.  I mean, I thought I paid it […]

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When I was an undergraduate, a few years ago, my college had a very strong Physics Department. It also had a graduation requirement that all students had to take one science course. This presented the Physics Department with a quandary, because its introduction physics course was rigorous and was designed for students who would become […]

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