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Increasingly in operational efficiency and automation circles we’re hearing about bots and robotics. As a software engineer in days past and a recovering enterprise architect I have given up biting my tongue and repeatedly note that, “we have seen it all before.” I’ve written screen scrapers that get code out of screens, written code to […]

I don’t want to pick on one particular company, but the breach at Anthem hits pretty close to home — our industry is under attack. Should this surprise you? Absolutely not. What is particularly concerning is that these are companies that are spending enormous sums of money to stop these intrusions.   And are still […]

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It’s 2015, the mid-point of the decade and a good time to start looking at major trends in Asian financial services over the next five to ten years. One of the major themes will be regional integration, which is another way of saying the development of cross-border markets. There are at least two important threads […]

As analysts in the insurance industry, Celent spends considerable time and effort considering new and improved ways to do business. Much of this emphasis is on technology and where our customers, and the industry, are in their efforts to improve and what still needs to be done. Our industry is evolving and implementing new innovations, […]

Celent recently held its first UK CIO Agenda Roundtable.   The aim of this event was to bring together senior IT executives from across the UK insurance industry to debate shared topics of interest.  The event was hosted by a CIO’s at their premises, and the prize for hosting was that the CIO got to choose […]

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Last year we offered a Christmas Carol themed post summarising some thoughts on the past, present and future. This time around I figured I’d go for one of the end of year top ten style posts that pop up as folks take a moment to look back at the year. So here I present a […]

Before working in insurance I worked in other sectors where it was common to quote the number of certified or accredited engineers working on a project. Usually these were mixed discipline projects involving mechanical, electrical and software engineers, but having chartered engineer status was an advantage regardless of discipline. Also any relevant certifications were highly […]

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The European Insurance team has been working hard over the Spring and Summer to produce one of our key reports Policy Administration Systems for General Insurers in Europe 2011. It’s a topic of great interest to insurers wanting to replace their core underwriting system, and vendors wanting to have a view of the competitive landscape. […]

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Outages caused by a vendor are never a good thing, but they are probably not your biggest, baddest problems either.

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A lot has been made about Cloud computing recently; even to the point of asking if it is more fog than cloud. The focus of these discussions is strictly on the technology which is where they miss the point. It is reminiscent of the early SOA discussions. Celent defines Cloud computing as the use of […]

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