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Most carriers in North America work with independent agents. Although the majority of premium for personal lines is written direct, that is largely concentrated in a few large carriers. Carriers who use independent agents know that high production from agents is correlated with strong relationships. However, beyond encouraging a strong personal relationship with an underwriter, […]

Jul 20th, 2015 | Filed under Insurance, Marketing

Carriers use a variety of techniques for growing the book and most consider distribution management as a key component of their growth strategy. They are expanding channels, adding distributors, moving into new territories, and working to optimize their existing channel to improve customer acquisition and retention. Some carriers are investing in improving the servicing of […]

May 18th, 2015 | Filed under Insurance, Marketing, Strategy

Traditionally insurers have been structured by line of business and some have grouped those around personal lines and commercial lines to differentiate businesses from people. With the opportunities of varied distribution channels and more sophisticated technologies insurers are starting to be much more granular in their view of the customers. Insurers have now the chance […]

Blog Soundtrack:  “Once in a Lifetime” – Talking Heads A recent project caused me to revisit the business process->capability->requirement model for life insurance sales illustration systems. This is a topic dear to my heart since my first insurance job focused on sales illustration, agent enablement and new business for a life insurer at a time […]

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Let’s play Jeopardy together! If the most frequently given answer from a panel of insurance customers is “Don’t know,” what was the question? It was: “Which UK insurer do you think is the most innovative?” For those who think that is an exaggeration of the common opinion that the insurance industry is not innovative at […]

Sep 28th, 2012 | Filed under Insurance

Vertafore’s purchase of Kaplan Compliance Solutions is another step towards delivering on the ease of doing business promise to insurance distribution professionals. It is an indication of the consolidation of vendors along vertical lines as providers deliver solutions that can solve multiple problems in producer management. Managing the insurance distribution chain involves disparate administrative functions […]

Aug 23rd, 2011 | Filed under Insurance

Mobile insurer apps have seen a great deal of press and investment in the last year, it’s about time the mobile web saw some attention too. Every insurer that Celent has spoken to about mobile apps has also invested in the mobile web – that is to say that insurers are working towards ensuring their […]

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There are other new normal factors in play that should help to balance out the doom and gloom scenarios being driven by the new normal economy.

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My recent discussions with CIOs of general insurers in Europe have demonstrated that distribution remains an important topic. European insurers need to understand the changes affecting the distribution channel landscape and build in appropriate supports to leverage them. Among others, I would recommend insurers to consider the following considerations: The direct channel requires an appropriate […]

Jul 27th, 2010 | Filed under Insurance

What is the link between improving service technology and improving sales incentives? This was the topic of a very insightful conversation that I had recently with an insurance CIO. It highlighted how interrelated the processes are in the insurance value chain. Investments can be made in one area, but if other, correlated areas do not […]

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