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At Celent, we have been writing reports profiling policy administration system (PAS) vendors for a long time. In the European, Middle East and African region (EMEA) we have covered up to 50 vendors in some of our bi-annual reports and we know there were approximately twice more active in this region of the world.  The […]

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My colleague Jamie Macgregor and I have published the Celent’s regular report profiling policy administration system (PAS) vendors in the life and pension space in Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) back in November 2011. This report profiles 34 systems offered to EMEA insurers on the market. Beside this research we thought it would be […]

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Almost with the end of the year around the corner we are yet immersed in some very important reports for all of us which, by the way, will be produced integrally with Latin American focus for the first time. The CIO Report and the Policy Administration System ABCD Vendor View Report are on their way. […]

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Last year we offered a Christmas Carol themed post summarising some thoughts on the past, present and future. This time around I figured I’d go for one of the end of year top ten style posts that pop up as folks take a moment to look back at the year. So here I present a […]

Today’s announcement by MphasiS an HP company, to acquire Wyde (with its Wynsure policy admin offering) highlights the continuing emergence in the insurance industry of globalization and the mutual dependence of software and delivery capability. While Wyde’s presence is strongest in the US and France; it also has been building its footprint in Bermuda, the […]

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The PAS space is hotting up here in the UK. Talk of eviscerated IT investment spending has been vastly overstated. Before the crisis really kicked off, insurers around the world were looking at how to address legacy core systems, and the level of RFI activity and PAS deals supported this. The recent announcement of Allianz […]

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Life insurance companies have different perspectives in terms of policy administration systems (PAS). Expectations are different geographically and IT vendors must adapt to insurers needs if they want to be successful in the long run not only in a dedicated market but on a larger European scale. “Getting The Value from Life Policy Administration Systems: […]

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Many insurers – especially in Europe – face the challenge of conducting business in different countries. Having activities in different geographies has its good side for instance it allows them to diversify their risk but it has also its bad side notably when insurers want to define a strategy in terms of core applications deployment. […]

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Celent is publishing two reports reviewing Policy Administration Systems (PAS) and IT vendors in Europe later this year. The first one will profile solutions available in the general insurance sector and the second one in the life and pension sector. For insurers the selection of a PAS requires the analysis of different parameters that have […]

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As Catherine discussed in her post on Monday, Celent is in the midst of writing several 100-plus page policy administration reports. Aside from the sheer size of the task, an added complication this year is the difficulty defining what the term “policy administration” even means. Each time Celent reports on the topic, the scope of […]

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